Specializing in HP 4500 Thermal InkJet Supplies, Service and Support

Compatible with:

  • Evolution Printers EV 1 |  EV 2 | EV 3

  • RazorGage 100% Compatible with Evolution Ink Systems

  • Pinnacle

  • FrameCAD

  • and other systems based on the Evolution EV TIJ (thermal Ink Jet System) 

Evolution Printer InkJet Ink Supplies*, Printheads and Support

RazorGage, FrameCAD inks and more:

Case Printing Solutions provides ink supplies, bulk ink and printheads for your Digital Design Evolution printers. Please call us or contact us for more information!

Evolution 4500BK Pigment ink Cartridges + Evolution 4711BK Solvent Ink Cartridges for LESS!

SAVE on Ink for your Digital Design Evolution Printer


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“My company was lured to purchase Digital Design’s EVOLUTION printer by the low acquisition cost. We were forced to buy their disposable ink cartridges because they had a locked system. For anyone printing a moderate to large quantity of characters, this translated to exorbitant ink costs. When we discovered Case Printing Solutions we were happy to hear they sold replacement cartridges for the line of EVOLUTION printers. By our last calculation we’re saving more than 40% on ink costs and the quality of the product is better than Digital Design.”

– General Manager, Industrial Packaging Company

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Part numbers we support: Evolution I, Evolution II, Evolution III Printers,
Evolution 4500 Ink, Evolution 4711 Ink


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