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Case Printing Has the Direct Coding Solution for your Budget Dram cup label direct TIJ

Labels = Labor Costs – Save costs with off line printing vs labeling

Save on product labeling. Your biggest cost is labor.  As you scale up the inefficiencies of manual labeling will kill your production line. With in-line digital direct coding,  you can minimize your up-front capital costs and still save every month on labor and supplies

  • Case Printing Solutions Save you Labor

We will help you choose the right line for your product and packaging!

Variable Data: Compliant Coding

Your details change with every product batch.  No matter what state you’re in, or even Canada, you have to be compliant with batch to batch and date code labeling of your product.  (State by state labeling requirements)

  • Case Printing Solutions Will Help you be Compliant

Our Direct printers connect to a computer, so switching over for product and batch changes is easy, and immediate.  No long swap over times, no left-over labels and possible mix ups.

Flat Box + Sleeve Marking – Carton and Package Marking

Off-line coding system for sleeves and flat boxes.  Automate your date codes and variable data package marking ( weight, CBD, THC content, batch number, expiration dates and more).   Can print fixed data, logos and barcodes.

Low upfront costs make this an ideal entry-level solution for automation to replace manual labeling. Thermal InkJet makes no mess, is odor-free and requires almost no maintenance, making it a great solution for oils, flowers, extracts and edibles.


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Vials and Plastics: Solvent Inks for Direct Printing on Pouches, Drams, Films and Tubes

Solvent thermal ink jet inks print directly on plastic pouches and dram cups.  No more secondary labels.  TIJ solvent-based inks are designed for printing on metals, foils, plastic film, hard plastic, glossy boxes, and other non-porous surfaces.  When in doubt, send us your material and we will make a print sample to test the ink-substrate compatibility.   TIJ solvent-based inks provide aggressive dry times and permanence onto difficult substrates, when compared to water-based pigment inks