ANSI Grade Print Quality

1. Use a Stable Table Top

The frame should have a flat steel table top under the belt. – no rollers on the conveyor frame.

2. Manage Your Spacing Carefully

The guide rails must guide the case smoothly to within 1/10″ of the printhead and must be able to keep the carton square to the printhead. It is recommended that the guide rails completely protect the printheads and ink systems from damage that could result from irregular cartons or open flaps.

3. Eliminate Vibration

The printhead should be installed on a freestanding bracket, or other type of freestanding assembly. All vibration from other equipment or case transfer must be kept away from the print station by either bracing or modifying the conveyor system.

4. Eliminate Side to Side Motion

Ensure Good Coveyor Belt Tracking.  Eliminate any side-to-side motion. Inconsistent belt tracking may cause poor print quality and/or wavy bar codes.