Box Tray Printing for Consumer Products

Printing on BoxTray Corrugated

If you spend enough time in warehouse shopping environments like Costco and Sam’s Club you’ll notice a growing number of box trays used for merchandising.  These corrugate containers support the sustainable packaging goals of larger retailers.  The box trays (1) protect the product, (2) comply with laws and regulations, (3) reduce material costs, and (4) communicate effectively with shoppers.

Pre-Printed Brand vs Variable Data Coding

Box trays allow the packaging entities to print the required data on the substrates.  First, the fixed information such as branding and marketing messages are pre-printed by the box manufacturers.  This information doesn’t change often or at all.  Large print runs are used to drive down cost per piece.  Technologies used in fixed-data printing are flexography and digital printing.  Or the manufacturer can opt for printing on linerboard, laminating paperboard, or litho-labeling.

During the packaging process, variable information is also required on the box trays and the products within them.  Lot/batch numbers, expiration dates, and barcodes are efficiently handled by HP inkjet systems including the Markoprint® industrial coders.  These systems have become the defacto standard in thousands of packaging facilities across the globe.

InkJet is Best Box Tray Coding and Printing Solution

Markoprint® coders are available in ½-inch increments of print.  Use one coder for up to 12mm of print, or combine multiple coders to cover the desired area of print.  Here, four Markoprint® systems with Case Printing solutions printheads in a bulk ink solution are coding the box trays destined for a retailer in Europe.  These solutions are designed and implemented by Case Printing Solutions for the packaging manufacturer.  Training and documentation are available to further ensure success.

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