Variable Data Coding Takes On a Pivotal Role in Cannabis Packaging

State Labeling Requirements for Cannabis require Variable Data Coding

When Michigan recently legalized the recreational sales of cannabis, they became the first state in the Midwest to do so.  Overall, 10 total states – plus Washington DC – have enacted such laws.  In addition, 18 total states have approved cannabis for medical purposes.

As cannabis products become more readily available, the labeling requirements mandated by government have escalated.  A portion of the labeling can be pre-printed, but more and more manufacturers are implementing VDC – variable data coding.  Any type of application that requires a manufacturer to print a large variety of packaging in short runs is a strong candidate for variable data coding.

Case Printing offers specialized Cannabis coding and marking solutions for labels and packages.

Within cannabis packaging, Variable Data coding is providing benefits for these and other applications:

  • Security printing for brand protection or serialization of product
  • Safety tracking of products to ensure authenticity and protect consumers from counterfeits
  • Unique coding of products for track-and-trace through the supply chain
  • Consumer products labeling to ensure genuine products
  • Tax/tariff collection tracking


Specific labeling requirements depend on the packaging type.  Be sure to check your local laws as things tend to vary by jurisdiction. to view California reqs


Contact Case Printing Solutions to help think through all the labeling requirements related to your cannabis packaging.  We help manufacturers determine the best way to deploy variable data coding technology to meet the ever-evolving Government requirements.  Call us at (541) 754-2273 or drop us a note here.