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HP 45si Solvent Ink FAQ’s

HP 45si Solvent-Based inks for Non Porous Printing

  • Clean, reliable and easy to use technology

  • Superb print quality on non-porous substrates

  • Ideal for foils, plastic film, hard plastic, glossy boxes & more

  • Maximum Uptime

  • No Costly Service Contracts (unlike continuous ink jet)

    Buy solvent inks HP 2580, IQ800 or IQ990

Coding on Non Porous Surfaces

HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) has become the go-to CODING technology in packaging and mailing operations.  Customers love TIJ’s value proposition as compared to legacy print technologies like Continuous Inkjet and Thermal Transfer.  


Learn more about TIJ solvent inks via the 10 FAQ’s below, and discover how your operation can achieve its environmental and productivity objectives:


1.     Do TIJ solvent-based inks come in the same HP cartridge as water based inks?  What’s the difference?

Not quite.  TIJ solvent-based inks are delivered via the HP 45si cartridge, where “si” refers to solvent inks.  These industrial ink drops are typically larger in size, and the increased weight allows them to travel further (up to 5mm) yet still maintain high print quality.  The shape and size of the HP 45si and water-based HP 45a pigment cartridges are essentially the same.

2.     What packaging surfaces are ideal for TIJ solvent-based inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks are designed for printing on metals, foils, plastic film, hard plastic, glossy boxes, and other non-porous surfaces.  When in doubt, send us your material and we will make a print sample to test the ink-substrate compatibility. 

3.     What are the advantages of TIJ solvent inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks provide aggressive dry times and permanence onto difficult substrates, when compared to water-based pigment inks in the 45a cartridge.  The ‘throw distance’ is greater with solvent-based inks which means you don’t have to make contact between the print head and the package when printing.  45si solvent inks print best between 1mm and 5mm distance between the printhead and substrate.

4.     What are the advantages of TIJ solvent inks vs Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) inks for similar surfaces?

TIJ inks are self-contained in the 45si cartridge, which means the inks gets jetted onto the substrate, not the floor, conveyor or printer.  CIJ, on the other hand, is known for being messy and noxious as it uses MEK and other nasty solvents in its chemistry.  On a regular basis CIJ users must shut down the production line to clean up the mess left by the coder. 

5.     What’s the total cost of ownership associated with TIJ solvent-based inks?

Total Cost of Ownership is typically a function of hardware, software, supplies, maintenance, and labor.  TIJ is lower cost than CIJ in every category except ink costs.  But when you factor-in all that’s required to run a CIJ printer, lower ink costs are not enough to offset the other expenses related to owning a CIJ system.  Service alone is a huge differentiator between TIJ solvent-based ink solutions and CIJ.

6.     How do you maintain TIJ solvent-based inks?

TIJ solvent-based inks require a small amount of maintenance compared to CIJ.  Simply wipe the cartridge with a lint-free cloth to unclog any nozzles on the printhead to keep the print quality hi-resolution.

7.     Do TIJ solvent inks come in bulk supplies?

Hewlett Packard and its licensed partners plan to launch the first Bulk Solvent system for non-porous printing in 2017.  The new bulk systems are will reduce the overall ink costs by approximately 50% compared to disposable cartridges.

8.     Do TIJ solvent inks come in different colors?

TIJ solvent-based inks are commercially available today in black, red, white, blue, green and yellow.  Other colors are possible, but not commonly requested by the industry.

9.     What print quality is possible with TIJ solvent inks?

TIJ print quality is adjustable from 600×600 and lower.  If you’re running a lot, batch or expiration code you may consider running the print quality at 600×150 as this will cost a fraction of what you would pay for the highest resolution.  Even at lower resolutions TIJ out performs CIJ for print quality.

10.  How many messages can I print with a TIJ solvent ink cartridge?

The number of printed messages per cartridge for a TIJ solvent-based inks is a function of multiple variables…..number of characters, size of characters, font type, and desired print resolution.  Some of the top TIJ coders include software that calculates how many messages of a certain type can be printed per cartridge.

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