HP Industrial Inkjet for Case Coding

HP Industrial InkJet In Barcoding

Coding systems based on HP thermal inkjet have grabbed a strong foothold in packaging operations across North America.  These HP industrial inkjet systems are ideal for a number of different applications including corrugate case coding, hi-res barcode printing, hi-speed lot or batch marking, and best-by date coding on non-porous surfaces.

Thermal InkJet (TIJ) is growing, and HP’s technology Leads

Given the ease-of-use of HP industrial inkjet, it’s no surprise the print technology is growing market share at the expense of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), label printing and mechanical imprinting. Furthermore, total cost of ownership and cost per print are compelling factors for HP technology’s popularity. In fact customers can typically cost justify an HP based system by simply eliminating the annual maintenance contract required on legacy CIJ units.

InkJet supplies- Save on replacements

Inks consumed by HP industrial inkjet systems come in disposable cartridges, remanufactured cartridges and bulk solutions.  HP and its licensed ink partners are growing the number of SKU’s for both disposable and bulk supplies, enabling the printing of durable codes on porous and non porous surfaces.  Q7456A HP Black Pigment Printhead and Q7457A HP 4500 Black Ink Supply are two of the most popular bulk products used in packaging applications.  Remanufactured versions of these products are readily available from experienced suppliers.


Industrial InkJet Services

Case Printing Solutions is an expert when it comes to HP industrial inkjet systems.  The coders typically last a long time in high-volume environments, but proper usage and maintenance by the customer is key to the life expectancy of the coder.  Often times the customer loses its best production workers and the coding systems suffer accordingly.  Case Printing Solutions fills the gap and offers a repair service to keep orphaned case coding equipment running.  Additionally, standard operating procedures are developed and implemented at the customer’s facility with full assistance from Case Printing Solutions.

Whether you’re running a high speed mail addressing system, or a 24/7 packaging line, Case Printing Solutions can help.  Call or email for assistance to: (1) troubleshoot your inkjet printer, (2) implement a bulk ink system, (3) buy & save when purchasing original and remanufactured HP ink products, (4) rebuild your print system and thereby extend its useful life, and (5) upgrade to a new print system.

Case Printing Solutions has 15+ years’ experience refilling HP bulk ink supplies.  We help you get the most from your HP TIJ system and maximize Return on Investment.  Contact us today: (541) 754-2273, or www.caseprintingsolutions.com