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HP 45A – NEW


Black Pigment HP 45A  Print Cartridge

New OEM Print Cartridge 

Case Printing Solution’s New OEM HP 45A  Black Print Cartridge and connectors save you money.  We buy bulk, and have low overhead, so we can provide volume discounts on guaranteed, NEW OEM HP 45A printhead / print cartridge  for any HP 45A compatible IMS System.

HP 45A – Remanufactured

Black Pigment HP 45A Print Cartridge




Remanufactured OEM Print Cartridge– (Replaces HP 45A)

Remanufactured HP 45A HP 4500 Black Print Cartidges save money. Case Printing Solutions’ expert InkJet engineers created this 100% compatible remanufactured HP 45A cartridge solution with the rigors of packaging lines, carton marking and case coding in mind.

Choose your Savings: Go Bulk!

Replace your HP CG339A 10 Pack of 45A Cartridges

with a Bulk Ink Delivery System, for Huge Savings.  Or We can set you up with lower cost 45A cartridges.   Call us for an estimate!

Save MORE with Remanufactured 45A Printheads 

Our Team of ex-HP InkJet Engineers have spent years perfecting their ability to remanufacture HP 45A Printheads. We provide outstanding decap time, quality inks, and our 100% compatible guarantee!

HP 45A (Equivalent) Print Cartridge Pricing






Best Value



New HD119





Our Commitment.  We will:
  • Save you money.
  • Deliver uptime and keep your equipment running.
  • Great decap time
  • Proprietary additives especially for Carton coding quality
  • Ensure your codes are scannable, with quality inks.
  • Make your printheads/print cartridges last, with excellent print quality.

Eco-Friendly and Easy to use

Go Bulk!  If you are using multiple 45A cartridges per month, you can save money, and go green by switching over to a Bulk Printing System.  Case Printing can switch you over.

Case Printing Solutions remanufactured  ink supplies provide superior value, significant savings over OEM and other remanufactures, and offer an environmentally conscious alternative.

In addition, our customers find our no-box, case carton only, bulk packing for quantities of 10 or more, reduces swap out time and waste disposal. 

*HP is a registered trademark of Hewlett Packard. Case Printing Solutions is not affiliated with Hewlett Packard in any way, nor does Case Printing Solutions endorse any product of Hewlett Packard.

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