More for LE$$


To meet production goals, all businesses are looking to get more for less.

More product, more service, more value!

When you procure products & services for less cost you feel like you have made a wise purchase.

At Case Printing Solutions (CASE) we absolutely subscribe to the philosophy ‘more for less’.  Here are 5 ways we make it a reality for our customers:

More ink, less cost

  • At CASE we are known for our low cost, high quality inks. Our single use cartridges start at just $25, programmed cartridges start at $35, and bulk ink supplies start at $60.  We also have options for both new and re-manufactured supplies.

More expertise, less downtime

  • We help customers overcome issues related to poor print quality, ink cartridge maintenance, and more. Our problem-solving consultations can be done in person, over the phone or via web meeting. CASE is run by former HP inkjet engineers and technicians who have a combined 45 years’ experience with print and production systems.

More alternatives, less dependence

  • Choose from a variety of inks for your specific print application. Our inkjet cartridges are designed to work with virtually any HP inkjet coding system, including Digital Design, HSA, RSI and many more.  In other words, you’re not beholden to your equipment supplier for the purchase of cartridge supplies.

More operational consistency, less risk of turnover

  • To lessen the impact of employee turnover, CASE is available to document the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) related to your printing processes. These written procedures can save a customer thousands of dollars in training and waste.

More peace of mind, less worry

  • When you work with CASE you can trust that you will be happy with the overall experience. We stand by our work.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

CASE also offers a complimentary print sample testing option where we run our inks on your substrates to ensure compatibility.

We look forward to delivering ‘more for less’ in your next experience with CASE.  Contact us at (541) 754-2273 or drop us a note here.