Consumer Case Printing & Marking Trends

One of the evolving trends making a significant impact on brand packaging design in Food & Beverage relates to case printing.  Specifically, the ability to print consumer readable text and codes on packaging in clear, easy to read print on cases and inner packaging is a hot topic for the industry.

Consumer Readable Text and Codes

More than ever, consumers demand information on their food and drink packaging that are clear and concise. When trying to choose which products to buy, consumers don’t want packaging to be overloaded with messages; they want the most important information—such as ingredients, nutritional value, and expiration dates — to be communicated in ways that are visibly clear and easy to understand.

Variable Data Case Printingvariable-code-sm

Not surprisingly, HP thermal inkjet (TIJ) has become the go-to technology for packaging operations who strive to deliver clean, easy to read variable data case printing.  TIJ offers hi-resolution print quality which originated from the home & office settings, but which also meets the industrial standards of packaging operations.  Long duty cycles, large ink volumes, and harsh production environments are no problem for HP thermal inkjet.

As the install base of TIJ in industrial packaging has grown, so too have the requirements for technical resources to know and understand the technology and its use for consumer case printing.  CASE Printing Solutions is run by former HP inkjet engineers and technicians, each with more than 15 years of inkjet experience.  They have become the defacto standard for “all things case coding”.  From troubleshooting of print issues, to implementing bulk ink systems, to sourcing of affordable inks, and even rebuilding & replacement of TIJ print systems, CASE is a resource all Food & Beverage companies need to know.

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