Five Keys to Choosing Inkjet Case Coders

Savvy manufacturers leverage the benefits of thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing for product identification and outer corregated case coding.  They use TIJ to print high-resolution text, barcodes and graphics directly onto products and packages because it simply outperforms other technologies.  And compared to label print & apply, inkjet coding can cost up to eight times less than labels.

If you’re looking to evaluate inkjet case coding systems for your operation, we have narrowed down the criteria to 5 keys factors.  How does your current case coding system stack up?


1.   High Quality Products-

If you’re shopping based on price alone…buyer beware.  Case coders you can buy for cheap are exactly that: cheap.  You don’t have to settle on low quality products just because you’re on a tight budget.  Coders from Asia Pacific are initially attractive because of low capital cost, but quality issues that cause production downtime are problematic.  Also, most of the ‘cheap’ brands lock the user into expensive supplies which completely alters the Total Cost of Ownership calculation.


2.   Low-Maintenance Systems

No purchasing manager would intentionally buy a case coding system with high maintenance requirements.  And yet, there are legacy print systems in the market today that require regular shutdown, cleaning and parts replacement.  This becomes a production nightmare for the packaging operation, and it usually means a large ongoing budget line item or service and support.  Instead, thermal inkjet case coders are built for continuous duty cycles.  Cleaning a print head is as simple as wiping with a lint-free cloth.  With TIJ there’s no reason to ever sign-up for an expensive maintenance contract.


3.   Repair Parts Availability

Another important factor to look for when searching for a durable inkjet printing system is printhead reparability.  TIJ case coders have virtually no wear parts.  For the cost of a new ink cartridge, you also get a brand new print head.  Try that with piezo or continuous inkjet!  In rare situations where the TIJ printhead gets damaged, quality suppliers like CASE Printing Solutions have all the parts and know-how to save the customer from having to buy a brand new coding system.


4.  Best Ink Compatibility

Leading inkjet companies create both the inkjet printhead and specialty inks designed specifically for use in that printhead with maximum compatibility and optimum performance.  CASE Printing Solutions extends the range of possible inks that can work with the customer’s inkjet coders.  We can offer comparable ink products at a discount, or help you Go Bulk to really drive savings for consumable supplies.


5.   Supplier Knowledge & Experience

Finally, when you buy a new case coding system you’re also buying the supplier relationship, for better or worse.  If you have hiccups during the procurement phase then you’re likely to have more frustrations down the road.  CASE Printing Solutions is run by former HP inkjet engineers and technicians, each with more than 15 years of inkjet experience. Our knowledge of inkjet systems ensures that you receive 100% compatible, quality products, at an affordable price. We stand by our work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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