Bigger is Better at Pack Expo

Popularity of Large Ink Supplies

As we wrap-up Pack Expo for 2017, one clear trend in Marking & Coding was the popularity of large ink supplies.  In particular, there were a number of inkjet manufacturers and distributors showing their latest Bulk Ink Management Systems.  And why not, inkjet suppliers know they have the most coveted print technology, and they’re finally making strides to deliver larger ink supplies to help drive down cost per code.


Within the world of bulk ink systems for inkjet coders, here are a few of the alternatives we discovered at Pack Expo this year.

Balanced  Systems – HP C6119A is a balanced solution that was also the first to be released by HP several years ago.  The ink supply gets mounted at a height close to the print head nozzles and feeds ink as the print head requires.  This is the best solution to achieve lowest supply cost with minimal associated hardware costs.  As a new twist, one of the manufacturers is offering an HP Smart Card with the balanced bulk ink supply so they can authenticate the ink and ensure best possible codes.  This unit is 370ml in size.

Regulated Systems –  Regulated systems allow the bulk ink supply to be mounted approximately 2’ above the print head and utilize a regulator to control the flow of ink to the print head.  The HP Q7457A is a 350ml supply from Hewlett Packard that utilizes the regulator method as does the new 800 mL bag in box system.   It’s recommended to install a light tree so the operator knows when the bag is empty.  This gives the operator approximately 30 minutes to “Hot Swap” the bag in bulk.  Most of the HP Q7457A utilize an automatic system that switches from one bulk tank to the next allowing hours of run time before ink switch in required.

Both systems are adding solid remanufactured products to the product offering allowing customers the options of choosing to reuse their bulk supplies and save some green while being green!   Also, market demands for a bulk sized solvent solution finally was realized this past week at Pack Expo.  In addition to the obvious cost benefits, what other features can you look forward to?  To start, the bulk solvent system authenticates the ink and communicates the optimal firing parameters to the printer itself.  Also, since the printer and ink tank are constantly communicating, the accuracy of the ink level monitoring is expected to be 99% if not better.


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