Forbes features Case Printing Client Wyld “Edibles”

Case Printing Solutions Helps Wyld be Compliant,  while Saving on Label Labor

Industrial inkjet is essential print technology for the cannabis industry. With so many rules and regulations governing the labeling of CBD and THC products, the Direct Print Inkjet has become the go-to industrial coder. In this example, X1Jet is integrated with the RF Lite tabletop feeding system for coding of flat boxes. The solution can also be leveraged for coding of plastic bags used for edibles and other industrial hemp products.

Labels = Labor Costs Save with off -line printing vs labeling.

After struggling with a Chinese built solution from Ali-Baba, Wyld called Case Printing solutions.  We were able to provide them with a direct printing solution in less than two weeks that saved huge production costs.   Wyld was able to go from 8 workers 8 hours a day for manual labeling to 2 workers for two hours a day for direct printing.

A huge cost for CBD or edible packaging is labeling labor. With in-line digital direct coding, you can minimize your up-front capital costs and still save every month on labor and supplies. Regulations require that a typical CBD product must label date codes and variable data regulated package marking (including UID, batch numbers, weight, CBD, THC content, expiration dates and more).