Maximizing the Output of Flat Packaging Materials

Make Time and Money with Low Cost Feeder/Coding Systems

At Case Printing Solutions we recommend standalone feeder / coding system for flat packaging substrates.  Our low cost, high throughput industrial inkjet coding solution handles and prints codes and variable data on a variety of substrates such as blister cards, medical pouches, polybags and Tyvek® lidding material. It’s the ideal hardware solution for everyday flat packaging applications in food, pharma, cosmetics and many other industries.

Do You Need to Add Variable Data / Coding to Your Packaging?

Flat Package feeder / coding solution perform offline customization of packaging by adding variable data.  Simply add expiration dates, lot/batch codes, 2D Datamatrix, or complete product descriptions and ingredient declarations fast and inexpensively.  Additionally, pharmaceutical systems can be equipped with camera systems and reject devices, plus optional validation add-ons.  Three feeding technologies – friction, shuttle, vacuum – are available to handle irregular shapes and sizes of substrates.

Flexible Handling Enables Productivity

Using vacuum (pick and place) technology, our feeder / coder solutions can transport a wide range of pouches and other flexible packaging. The system picks a product from a stack, places it onto a conveyor for printing and / or labelling before transferring the marked pack neatly onto another stack, ready for collection.  Continuous operation of the feeder gives high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.  It also suits larger operators who are looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.

Key Features and Benefits

  • PLC control extends to the friction rollers to ensure perfect feeding and print registration
  • Quick set separation and hopper guides minimize downtime
  • Integral catcher-tray, for neat stacking of the product once it has been marked.
  • Fitted with a high-resolution, consumer ready printing with inkjet coding & labelling print engine, as well as post-print inspection systems.
  • Linear feed speeds up to 60m/min reduces costs.


The feeder / coding solutions from Case Printing Solutions have increased exponentially with the availability of HP light-solvent inks. These inks are designed for printing on metals, foils, plastic film, hard plastic, glossy boxes, and other non-porous materials.  We offer multiple colors including black, red, white, blue, light blue, green and yellow.  Best of all, the inks come self-contained in the 45si cartridge, which means the inks gets jetted onto the substrate, not the floor, conveyor or printer.