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HP Black 4500 Bulk Ink System – Still the best option for printing low cost codes 

HP bulk ink delivery systems are excellent for low-intervention, high-volume applications in packaging and mailing.

They’re designed to meet the needs of high-volume printing applications where lowest cost-per-code is critical.

Flexible and Low Cost

The key components to the system are HP Black 4500 Bulk Ink (part #Q7457A) and Black Cartridge Connector (part # Q7456A).  They combine to deliver many benefits for the customer:
  • Large ink cartridges minimize operator interventions
  • Printheads and ink cartridges can be changed independently
  • Ink cartridges can be hot swapped, so uptime is maximized
  • Multiple configurations of printheads and ink cartridges to achieve a variety of print swaths
When you’re looking for the most flexible, cost-effective ink delivery system, look no further than the HP Black 4500 bulk ink system.

Wide Variety of Applications

From an applications perspective, customers use the HP bulk ink systems for a variety of print jobs.  In packaging, it’s common to use Bulk Ink when printing large blocks of text, codes and graphics on corrugated boxes where several printheads are needed.  Similarly, the mailing industry deploys HP bulk ink systems on roll-fed and cut-sheet porous surfaces where production is slated to run one, two or three shifts a day.