Case offer HP45si Solvent Inks – plus 10 FAQ’s

Case Printing Solutions offers HP45si Solvent Ink Cartridges for non- porous surfaces.

Ideal for foils, films, hard plastics, glossy coated boxes and papers, and more.

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Learn more about TIJ solvent inks via the 10 FAQ’s about Solvent Inks,

Discover how your operation can achieve its environmental and productivity objectives:

Learn about the advantages of solvent inks for HP systems, why they’re preferred over CIJ inks, and how to maximize your cost savings with bulk solvent ink solutions.

CASE Printing Solutions is an expert when it comes to helping customers operate their TIJ print systems. Whether you’re running a high speed mail addressing system, or a 24/7 packaging line, CASE can help.  Call or email us for assistance to: (1) troubleshoot your inkjet printer, (2) implement a bulk ink system, (3) buy & save when purchasing original and remanufactured HP ink products, (4) rebuild your print system and thereby extend its useful life, and (5) upgrade to a new print system.


CASE Printing Solutions has 15+ years’ experience refilling HP bulk ink supplies.  We help you get the most from your HP TIJ system and maximize Return on Investment.  Contact us today: (541) 754-2273, or