Inkjet Serialized Barcoding to Protect Your Brand Amid Rise in Counterfeiting

A critical component to many brand protection solutions is coding and marking. HP thermal inkjet (TIJ) offers a reliable, hi-res print technology that allows for the jetting of linear and 2D barcodes (known as serialized barcoding) onto products or labels, primary packaging and cases.  2D Serialized Barcoding is often used in the pharmaceutical industry for product tracking at the package level.

Thermal Inkjet for Custom Coding and Serialized Barcoding

TIJ printers are capable of adding serialized codes to packaging. Additionally, Inkjet printing can use one-of-a-kind Smart Inks containing special taggants.  These inks can be customized to a particular manufacturer to further safeguard against counterfeiting.

PMMI has an enlightening infographic exploring the issue 



Manufacturers are using various brand protection and traceability methods at each stage of the supply chain.

  • 1D barcodes
  • 2D barcodes
  • Pallet Tags
  • RFID
  • Smart Inks
  • Holograms
  • Covert Markings
  • Temp Sensors

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