Manufacturers are required to print certain information on the outside of corrugated boxes to indicate contents, tracking information and expiration dates. Poor carton coding print quality can cause significant fines or loss of business for the manufacturer. But who do you call and how quickly can you fix a carton coding quality problem? Does your existing service provider simply want to sell you additional equipment, or can you trust them to provide consultation that’s truly in your best interest?

HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) has rapidly become the most desired print technology in the product identification and package coding markets. The beauty of HP TIJ lies in the simplicity of maintaining and replacing the print head.  Thermal inkjet’s sealed cartridge based system makes ink changeovers on the production line quick & easy, and helps eliminate the possibility of spills or other maintenance issues. Just snap in and out the disposable cartridge to replace empties or to swap with other inks. Compare and contrast TIJ with legacy print technologies such as Continuous Inkjet that frequently go down for hours or days due to unscheduled maintenance.

Print head maintenance is easy too. The HP TIJ cartridge is easy to clean. Simply wipe the HP TIJ print head with a soft, fiber-less cloth.  No solvent additives are needed. This process may take 5 to 10 seconds depending on the number of print heads involved. To keep your Print Heads running with high quality, after removing the print head from the carton coder, attach a plastic clip over the print head so the print nozzles don’t clog during storage.

Despite the ease of use associated with HP TIJ, every case coder or manufacturer needs a go-to supplier they can call regardless of the print quality or printhead issue. Keep CASE Printing Solutions in mind for these topics and more:

  • Problem solving HP TIJ print issues
  • Implementing Bulk Ink in disposable cartridge environments
  • Lowering your costs of original and remanufactured ink for HP TIJ systems
  • Maintaining & replacing unsupported HP TIJ systems including RSI printers


CASE Printing Solutions is the industry expert when it comes to carton coding of corrugated boxes for the packaging industry. The Oregon-based company provides low cost, high-quality ink products along with unparalleled service and support across the U.S. If your company ships products in a brown or white corrugated box, you need CASE Printing Solutions added to your speed dial: (541) 754-CASE (2273)


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