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Case coding is the process of printing accurate, high-quality text, logos and barcodes on the exterior of boxes shipped by manufacturers and contract packaging companies.  The purpose is to properly identify contents, manage inventories, and expedite recalls if necessary.  For such a critical task related to product shipments, who do you trust 24/7/365 to keep you operational?

TIJ Case Coding Advantages

The hottest, most compelling print technology for case coding is thermal inkjet (TIJ) from Hewlett-Packard.  All the largest coding providers have gained access to TIJ either via competitor acquisition or a direct relationship with HP.  Why?  Because TIJ beats the competing print technologies across the board:

  • Excellent Print Quality:  adjustable from 150 to 600 dpi
  • Simple to Use:  snap in & out cartridges
  • High Speed Print:  up to 480 feet per minute
  • Reliable Uptime:  virtually no maintenance; occasionally wipe print head with a soft, fiber-less clothHP4500Cartridge
  • Best Cost of Ownership:  low capital cost; bulk ink savings

Accordingly, after two decades of selling HP TIJ coders into the market the Installed Base has grown to significant volumes.

TIJ (thermal ink jet) Case Coding Support

But what do you do when the manufacturer gets acquired and the product line goes end-of-life?   And, who do you call for the troubleshooting of poor print and ongoing cost saving strategies?

RSI Case Coding


Example, RSI Systems sold a popular case coding product for 10+ years but after being acquired by a much larger corporation the new owner dropped the product line.  There were hundreds of customers left in a tough spot with unsupported RSI printers on their line.

Introducing CASE Printing Solutions, an Oregon based company with a unique expertise to keep HP TIJ systems running as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. CASE has over 50 years of combined inkjet expertise with the coding of cases and master cartons.


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” A couple years after purchasing several RSI printers, I contacted the manufacturer and found out all RSI systems were flagged as end-of-life and no longer supported by the company. My packaging line was down and I was panicking! I jumped online and thankfully found Case Printing Solutions. CPS offered to repair my printers and they extended their loaner printers to use in the meantime. CPS put together a transition plan to support my RSI systems ongoing. The solution utilized the mounting equipment and specialized conveyors that were already in place. CPS was able to do this through creative support, rental and loaner fees.”

Production Line Manager, Large Food Packaging Company

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Case Coding Service Company- Case Printing Solutions

CASE Printing Solutions is an unbiased player in the packaging ecosystem.  Their sole objective is to help customers optimize existing HP TIJ print systems.  Are you confident you have partnered with the right service providers long-term?  Consider the CASE value proposition:

  1. Troubleshoot print systems – Your print systems are down. The print quality is poor.  Print messages are skewed.  Your barcodes are not reading accurately.  These are just a few of the issues CASE can help you overcome.
  2. Implement Bulk Ink systems – Intuitively you understand bulk supplies will save you money long term. CASE makes it an easy transition for customers to upgrade from disposable cartridges to bulk products and achieve 50% cost savings.
  3. Save money on original and remanufactured HP ink products – In business you can buy list price or wholesale, whichever you prefer.  CASE removes the middle man so you get best pricing on all products, including new and remanufactured items.  Ask CASE about replacement cartridges for Digital Design coders.
  4. Rebuild print systems – The CASE technical department will diagnose your problem, replace old parts, and repair the existing unit to get it running again.
  5. Upgrade to a new print system – CASE will make every attempt to prolong the life of your HP TIJ print system.  When a new capital investment is required, CASE can help source the solution including the purchase, setup and ongoing upkeep to ensure your print systems don’t slow down the packaging line.

For a quote contact CASE Printing Solutions today.  It pays to proactively line-up a solution today to handle your future issues.